Vision, Mission and Objectives


The College of Communication seeks to be a brilliant establishment with an advanced regional classification in the sciences of mass communication, guiding meanwhile on the foundations, principles and teachings of Islam, and to prepare its students to participate in the international society.


​The College works to swiftly respond to the developments in the fields of mass communication and its relevant technologies, spread the culture of creativity and innovation through caring about the scientific applied researches and the society's effective development, and equip its students with the sciences of mass communication and its relevant skills based on the Islamic values, so that they would become professionals of high morals and leaders for their communities.​


  1. Provide students with the basic knowledge and skills in all the fields of mass communication.
  2. Prepare prominent media professionals of high level of knowledge and innovation and who apply the code of ethics of the media work.
  3. Develop the communication skills to understand the international views and cultural pluralism.
  4. Hold effective partnership with the stakeholders to reinforce the program.
  5. Provide opportunities of creativity and innovation for all the teaching staff members and students.
  6. Promote cooperation and care about getting the graduates' opinions.