​ 1
Step 1

Required Documents :

  1. The original secondary certificate.
  2. The original transcripts for the secondary stage grades (tenth – eleve​nth – twelfth).
  3. Endorsement of all the required certificates from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of issuance and the UAE Embassy in that country. In case the UAE has no Embassy in a country, certificates are to be endorsed from any Arab country embassy in this country.
  4. Legal translation of non-Emirati certificates into Arabic or English language and endorsing them from the abovementioned parties.
  5. Submission of what states that the Ministry of Education in the country of issuance acknowledges the institute or school awarding the certificate, and that their graduates can join the public Universities therein.
  6. Translation of the passport into the Arabic language and endorsement of the translated copy from both the Ministry of Education of the student's own country and the UAE Embassy therein.
  7.  A full completed application form.
  8. A copy of the student's passport valid for not less than one year.
  9. 12 modern, colorful personal photos measuring (3×4) with white background.
  10. A copy of a valid certificate of a good conduct and behavior with a legal translation for its content into Arabic or English.
  11. A copy of (the birth certificate) or what alike, with a legal translation for its content in case the data is not written in Arabic or English.
  12. Health Fitness Certificate issued by a government hospital in the student's own country stating that he is free from all the infectious diseases, and is endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of issuance. 

Second step


  1. Applicants must fill all the starred (*) items, stressing that incomplete applications will not be considered.
  2. Concerning the required credentials, all the documents to be downloaded must be colorful and obvious. Every document must be a  in the PDF or JPG format.
  3. Based on their top priorities and average sequence, approved applicants will be distributed to the University colleges in line with the numbers scheduled to be admitted to each college as per every program capacity.​​

Third step

Online Application Stages

  1. Fill in the online application.
  2. ​Applicants must complete the required credentials including sending an endorsed replica of the final secondary certificate, personal photo, as well as the original certificates for the TOEFL or the IELTES (if any), or any other documents to be required by the Admission & Registration Administration. ​