College Word

In the College of Communication, we seek, through the content of the program of arts in media that includes theoretical and practical courses devised in accordance with academic programs of high level on the professional, technical and research sides, to realize the College objectives on reaching the highest level of effectiveness, knowledge, quality and professionalism. The College also draws on the mission and vision of Al Qasimia University in entrenching the principles of Islamic tolerance based on the social responsibility that respects the values of balance, neutrality, objectivity and pluralism in the framework and values of scientific research.

As far as the media work is concerned, the College copes with the era's latest technology, aiming thereby to prepare graduates who are able to contribute to and take part in performing the academic and applied activities in the different branches of media and mass communication, enable them to effectively communicate with others through developing their media skills of writing and speaking, and urge them to work independently and collectively with the one team spirit and to make use of the modern technologies. ​