Vision, Mission and Goals

CEM Vision
The College of Economics and Management is seeking to be an institution with a regionally advanced classification in business sciences, guided in all that it undertakes by foundations, principles and teachings of Islam as a tolerant religion open to the entire world.

CEM Mission
The College of Economics and Management is working to achieve leadership and innovation in business sciences regionally to educate and empower students to become ethical professionals and leaders in their communities through the provision of high-quality academic services, outstanding applied scientific research, global mobility, and effective community development.

CEM Goals
The College is committed to:
  1. Providing sciences and knowledge in the field of specializations offered by the scientific departments, supporting and encouraging basic and applied business research.
  2. Supplying the labor market with its need for specialized competencies in various and related areas.
  3. Strengthening links with local, ​regional and international institutions  and scientific bodies .
  4. Encouraging executive training and providing a package of focused and intensive training courses for different sectors in the fields economics and business.
  5. Supporting Applied research in economics and finance and management by faculty members and students.
  6. ​Supporting and encouraging faculty members to research and publish references and books in the related majors.