Vision Mission and Objectives


Al-Qasimia University Library will be the academic hub to the university's academic and creative activities.  We will excel in developing, organizing, preserving, and providing access to quality collection of resources to meet the various needs of present and future generations of students and scholars. We will create an atmosphere that will encourage diversity and excellence, in accordance with the vision, principles, and fundamentals of tolerance in Islam.

Al-Qasimia University Library's (AQUL) mission is to brace and enhance the education, research and service of Al-Qasimia University, and to promote intellectual growth and creativity by developing quality scholarly collections, well-equipped and functional spaces, and facilitating access to comprehensive resources. 

  1. Provide sources of information that are closely related with the University's academic curricula and programs as well as the scientific research activities.
  2. Organize sources of information through the processes of indexing, classification, cataloging, extraction and bibliography.
  3. Offer all the different library and information-relating services to the beneficiaries' society.
  4. Prepare the induction programs for the beneficiaries from the teaching staff, students and even the society on the services offered by the Library and how to make use of the sources of information available therein.
  5. Develop the Library work in accordance with the modern practices in the fields of library and information services.
  6. Develop the cooperation relations with other libraries in general and the University libraries in particular.