Vision Mission and Objectives

Al Qasimia University Library is a distinguished and pioneering library in introducing and providing information sources and supporting education, learning and scientific research locally and regionally, in accordance with the vision, principles and foundations of tolerance in Islam.
The Library Supports the academic programs and scientific research activities at Al Qasimia University  through the acquisition of appropriate sources of information using the latest office work standards for broadcasting these sources, empowering beneficiaries and ensuring that library staff are closely related to the latest trends and practices associated with effective management and optimal use of library information sources.
  1. Providing sources of information that are closely related with the University's academic curricula and programs as well as the scientific research activities.
  2. Organizing sources of information through the processes of indexing, classification, cataloging, extraction and bibliography.
  3. Offering all the different library and information-relating services to the beneficiaries' society.
  4. Preparing the induction programs for the beneficiaries from the teaching staff, students and even the society on the services offered by the Library and how to make use of the sources of information available therein.
  5. Developing the Library work in accordance with the modern practices in the fields of library and information services.
  6. Promoting the cooperation relations with other libraries in general and the university libraries in particular.