Welcome Message from the Library Manager

On behalf of Al-Qasimia University Library (AQUL), it is a pleasure to extend a warm welcome to Al-Qasimia University community.

AQUL is located on the north side of the university's main building. In keeping with the dominant culture in the UAE where certain services are provided to males separately from females, Al-Qasimia University provides a library at the ground floor that is to be used by male students only and one at the first floor that is to be used by female students only.

We are committed to actively support Al-Qasimia University's Mission along with its noble objectives and to support activities that are integral for the learning and teaching process as well.

In tangible collaboration with university faculties, AQUL Libraries will provide Al-Qasimia University's community with scholarly resources, programs, and services to support curriculum objectives and the research needs.

AQUL libraries is dedicated to creating an enabling environment, and latest technologies that will assist all library users in satisfying their various & growing needs.​

I invite you to explore 

Our online library catalog:  https://library.alqasimia.ac.ae/ 

and to familiarize yourselves with 

Our e-resources:https://www.alqasimia.ac.ae/ar/AboutAQU/Administration/Library/Pages/database.aspx

Please do not hesitate
to Contact Us on library@alqasimia.ac.ae

or you can contact your designated librarian any time whenever necessary.
Best wishes for an enjoyable and accomplishing academic year at Al-Qasimia University.​

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Khalid Ahmed Abusin
Library Manager