Vision, Mission and Objectives

Leadership in Sharia sciences and Islamic studies in a framework of originality, contemporary and excellence regionally and internationally
The College of Sharia and Islamic Studies is working to graduate specialized competencies in the field of Sharia and Islamic studies characterized by moderation and balance, capable of competing and achieving leadership in the labor market at the regional and international levels, adopting scientific research as a tool to meet the need of society and its development in the light of moral and social values and in a way that preserves the Islamic identity
College Objectives: 
  1. Preparing a scientifically and professionally distinguished generation, capable of contributing to the process of development and construction by providing it with the necessary knowledge and skills in line with the general purposes of Sharia, and meeting the needs of society
  2. The formation of the scientific knowledge and the skills of meaningful dialogue and effective discussion among students to improve their creative skills to enable them to keep pace with the developments of the times
  3. Enriching scientific research by writing scientific research and publishing it in international journals, supporting research projects and holding conferences and seminars in cooperation with relevant centers and institutions, in a supportive environment and an academic atmosphere that stimulates creativity
  4. Linking rights and duties in the light of the rules and principles of Sharia in a way that strengthens affiliation and loyalty to religion and the homeland, consolidates the values of tolerance and moderation, and achieves intellectual security to preserve social cohesion
  5. Achieving consistency between the college programs the issues of society by linking theoretical knowledge with their practical applications, and addressing contemporary problems in accordance with the noble objectives of Sharia.
  6. Developing academic programs in Sharia sciences by introducing new specializations to keep pace with knowledge development and confront future challenges in line with the university's vision and mission.