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College of Sharia & Islamic Studies

About College

Established in 1435 A.H. / 2014 A.D., the College of Sharia & Islamic Studies- the main college in Al Qasimia University, aims to provide students with the basic scientific knowledge in the various branches of the Islamic sciences including Creed, Da'wah, Exegesis and Hadith, as well as the scientific and practical skills, so that the graduate would be a teacher, a researcher and a successful preacher serving his/her community, informing people of their religion and highlighting the position of Islam on the contemporary issues. Promoting the values of belonging to religion, nation and countries and keeping their security and stability, the College aims to implant the balanced Islamic Character in the souls of students as to creed, worship and behavior. The College of Sharia & Islamic Studies awards the following scientific degrees: -

  1. Bachelor of Sharia & Islamic Studies
  2. Bachelor of Sharia & Islamic Studies​ – Major: Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
  3. Bachelor of Sharia & Islamic Studies – Major: Principles of Religion ​

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College Word

All praise is due to Allah; may Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon the best of creatures ever- our Prophet Muhammad- his family, companions and he who follows their guidance to the Day of Judgment.

The College of Sharia & Islamic Studies is the first to be established with the emergence of Al Qasimia University under a decent, wise royal decree issued HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH DR. SULTAN BIN MOHAMMED ALQASIMI​, Member of the  Federation Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah- may Allah protect him- on the establishment of Al Qasimia University to be a lofty beacon of science for all Muslims in the world; from its spring they drink, on its moderation they act, on its objectives they work and to its message they disseminate.

The College aims to be a spring of knowledge headed by the students of knowledge all over the world, thus gushes forth with knowledge from which they learn, and thus incur benefits to themselves and to others by the Will of Allah. ​

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