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College of Holy Quran

About College

In 1438 A.H. /2017 A.D., the College of Holy Quran, the first of its kind in the UAE in general and in the Emirate of Sharjah in particular, was established in Al Qasimia University to support its mission whose principles are based on the correct understanding of Islam. 

The College aims to care greatly about the Holy Quran as to memorization, Tajweed, exegesis and (deduction) of ruling, with the intention of preparing messengers from among its graduates to work on disseminating the various modes of the Qur'anic recitation in both narration and knowledge, qualifying the graduates to work on reinforcing communication with the society institutions to spread the religious and cultural awareness, qualifying specialized researchers in the field of the Holy Quran, its modes of recitation and sciences, and offering educational and consultative services to the society institutions in the field of the Holy Quran, its modes of recitation and sciences. The College awards the degree of “Bachelor in the Holy Quran Sciences". 

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College Word

A gift from HH Ruler of Sharjah to the entire world, College of Holy Quran was established to fulfill the extremely generous role of Al Qasimia University in giving.
The College of Holy Quran is concerned with the most sublime sciences ever. The first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates, the College is considered a unique diamond decorating Al Qasimia University, since it perfectly cares about the Holy Quran, its sciences, various modes of recitation and exegesis, with the aim of correctly understanding it, unveiling its miraculous nature and uncovering its secrets.

Equipped with a prominent elite of scholars known for their high efficiency and extensive expertise all over the Islamic World, the College adopts a comprehensive vision to realize a qualitative leap in the Qur'anic studies programs in accordance with methodological standards and a scientific plan, because the Holy Quran along with its sciences cannot be learnt except through direct learning from the specialized scholars. 

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