University President

​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​

HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, President of Al Qasimia University ​

On Sunday January 5, 2014 A.D., we witnessed the birth of a brilliant star in the world of thought and knowledge- a star that shines from Sharjah to serve as an addition to the human thought and civilization; this star is but “Al Qasimia University".

With its roots firmly fixed in the ground and its branches high in the sky, Al Qasimia University was founded to be a good plant that gives aid to every student of knowledge in the entire world in an atmosphere replete with moderation and illuminating cultural and civilizational dialogue.

My vision for Al Qasimia University is that it should be a beacon of excellence in higher education and scientific research to promote the values of interfaith & culture dialogue and refine sciences and arts in every society, basing all its actions on the fundamentals, principles and teachings of the tolerant religion of Islam open to the entire world.

Realization of this vision can undoubtedly be achieved except through offering the various majors of science and knowledge that benefit the world's peoples, contribute to man's welfare and provide a prominent academic environment that help attracting students and researchers from all over the world, so that they would be equipped with science and knowledge and the optimum application of the teachings of Islam as a religion that provides a way of life and an approach for work throughout ages, seriously considering the international dimension in this regard and keenness on respecting the others and their different cultures.

Since the establishment of the University, we- thanks to Allah- shouldered the responsibility of providing all the capabilities that help the society of Al Qasimia University and motivates its members- professors, researchers and students, to intellectual creativity and constructive critical analysis, as well as projecting the human sublime values called for by all the religions, with the aim of realizing the greatest deal of harmony among the world's peoples.

I thus urge students to seize the opportunity of studying at the University to equip themselves with the intrinsic sources of science and knowledge, improve their skills and lay down the rules of dialogue, creativity and innovation in their majors, characterized meanwhile with the principles of the pure religion of Islam and its human sublime values and ideals, so that they would be role models in their countries and contribute to carrying the torches of science, knowledge and human progress and advancement.

I meanwhile heavily stress the fact that the University's working group including academicians and administrative employees shoulder a moral and civilizational responsibility towards qualifying students in the religious and worldly sciences in a balanced way, training them on making use of the sources of Islamic knowledge and scientific approaches and building capabilities and developing them, so that they would serve the human societies in general and the Muslim world's society in particular through hard work and offering the role example.

At the end of my speech, I express my deep gratitude for he who contributes to the construction of this blessed edifice for their sincere efforts and hard work to realize the mission of Al Qasimia University in serving the entire humanity, asking Allah, Most High, to guide us all to what He is content with. 

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