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Student Services
Students Services

Academic Counselling: 

   The students of each program are divided into groups. Each group has a supervisor who provides the students with academic guidance and helps them with the selection of courses. The administration circulates the list of supervisors among the students. The updated list of supervisors will be sent to the registrars of colleges each semester. Students can register online, with the exception of those who received warnings. The administration exhorts students through public meetings and placards to seek the counsel of their academic supervisors.

   The student makes his own selections first, and then discusses them with his supervisor. There is a grace period for withdrawal or adding or changing courses during which the supervisor can coach the student until he/she settles upon the final choice. The supervisor can help the student sort out all the problems facing him/her, so that his/her academic career proceeds smoothly. The student’s progress is also carefully monitored by the department where he/she studies. Applications may be submitted to the admin by supervisors on behalf of students having registration problems. Supervisors can also be tasked with sorting out the problems of students who have received warnings. Each supervisor will monitor the progress of such students and help them move ahead with their studies. 

Students Guidance: 

The students’ guidance section is part of the Student Deanship. It endeavors to help the student build a whole-rounded character, achieving equilibrium between his/her various traits, psychologically. The section is guided by the principles of confidentiality and sincerity. It sees to it that the coaching programs and therapy strategies are up-to-date and effective. The student is the focus of the university, that is why great attention is accorded to his psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. The section contributes to creating a favorable environment that shall enable the student to acquire skills and proceed with his academic life smoothly.

   The section’s duties include the following:

  • Helping students solve their personal problems effectively and efficiently. It coaches the student towards improving his performance in the area where he/she has betrayed some weakness.
  • Providing guidance services, training courses and workshops for individuals and groups, throughout the student’s stay at the university.
  • Following up on students with study problems and weak performance, fathoming the root causes and organizing the pedagogic programs that motivate such students and guide them towards overcoming such drawbacks.
  • Helping handicapped students throughout their stay at the university

Career Development: 

   Career Guidance

   Generally speaking, the university’s mission is educating, training and developing the student professionally and intellectually. Al Qasimia University in particular is endowed with the unique characteristic of attracting students from various parts of the world. These students are expected to do their practical undergraduate training in their countries of origin. Their graduation projects most probably shall also take them to their countries for data collection... etc.

Under all circumstances, the university shall work on achieving the following objectives:

  • Building mutual trust and respect with the institutions, companies, factories, corporations and societies operating within the UAE.
  • Utilizing these relationships for finding jobs for the would-be graduates of the university.
  • Creating avenues for receiving feedback from alumni that may benefit the university in streamlining and gearing its academic, scientific and training philosophy towards the requirements of the labor market.
  • Organizing special exhibitions that will reflect the needs of the labor market, and that will provide opportunities of contact with corporate representatives, and possibly negotiate them into availing students with training or recruitment chances.
  • Encouraging students to participate in local and international exhibitions, conferences, festivals and competitions.
  • Establishing the appropriate infrastructure that will allow the students to acquire practical skills that will reflect favorably upon their future careers. The section, for example, may invite the students for workshops and courses held within the campus about such issues as CV writing, interviews, official correspondence, and writing applications for jobs.

The training of students:

   The development of the student, academically and professionally, is the main objective of the university. Theoretical training should be coupled with practical training so that a whole-rounded character will be produced.

   The section also prepares the student for his future working career by creating opportunities for practical application of the academic studies he/se went through. The student will be encouraged to be in contact with the corporate and industrial sites related to his/her potential career. The practical training, including the spells outside the university, should be considered as part of the requirements of graduation. 

The Student Council: 

   The Student Council of each university is a platform for orchestrating the positive contribution of students to the university life. It provides the students with the opportunity to vent out their frustrations. It also represents the interests of students and conveys their opinions and desires, so that all impediments are removed. The council also supports the activities of students in the academic, cultural, social and sport fields. It contributes to inculcating the spirit of team work and the concepts of civilized debate and respect for the opposing opinion. The council also trains its members in the workings of democracy. It works towards raising the awareness of students towards their duties. It cooperates with the university administration for solving the problems and sorting out the complaints of students. The council also strengthens and widens the opportunities of active cooperation between the students, their colleges and the administration, thereby promoting the overall academic, cultural and social progress of the university.

Cultural and Social Activities: 

   The Students Activities Department provides students with opportunities for physical exercise and cultural activities. Ample room is available for acquiring and developing various types of artistic and sport skills. The department organizes programs and competitions through the student clubs, societies and unions, and everything that promotes extra-curricular activities.

   Some of the objectives of the students Activities Department include: 

1.     Consolidating the students’ sense of belonging to their Arab and Islamic nation, and producing a generation of citizens who are proud of their country.

2.     Developing the capabilities of students, and encouraging their tendency to innovate and explore new frontiers in all walks of life.

3.     Strengthening relations with other UAE universities, as well as Arab and international academic institutions in all corners of the globe.

4.     Working towards producing a well-balanced and enlightened graduate.

5.     Encouraging voluntary initiatives and group work, and promoting the spirit of cooperation among colleagues. Students will also be trained in making the best of their leisure time.


Sport Activities: 

   The Students Deanship attaches pivotal significance to individual and group sport programs, in view of the positive effect it has upon the personality of the student. All types of sport are facilitated within campus. Sport, moreover, provides recreation as well as opportunities for exploiting leisure time in a healthy and positive way. Other benefits of sport include the following:

1.     The sporting facilities of the university provide everybody with a chance to gratify themselves and to practise their favorite hobbies and activities.

2.     The Deanship organizes the various teams representing the university, such as the soccer and basketball teams, which will take part in inter-university tournaments and other competitions.

3.     Sport talents and skills will be hunted and developed.

4.     Team work shall be promoted through collective sport, and an atmosphere of comradeship between the teaching staff and students.

5.     The university shall be represented at local, regional, and international relevant events.