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Information Technology
          Al Qasimia University has a state-of-the-art infrastructure of information technology, including the communication networks, servers, storage facilities, modern computers and software, in the service of teaching staff, students, and researchers. The university has its own internal network that facilitates communication between its various components, so that everybody can have access to the joint pools of information and data.

          At the moment, there are 1500 grid-points, with the potential for increasing them to 5000. The entire campus shall be covered by a wireless network (Wifi).

          The “Data Center” is situated at the management complex, equipped with a reasonable number of servers, with a respectable storage capacity.

          The university is intent upon providing adequate numbers of table computers and laptops, in addition to the licensed software that will come to the aid of the academic and research process. 

Security and Storage of Data: 

          The university shall apply the following precautions to guarantee access to electronic data, as well as protection of the data:

1.     Spare copies should be generated from the data stored in the “Data Center”, on CD’s that will be archived safely in the main building.

2.     Another spare copy should be made of each item, to be stored at a safe haven elsewhere outside the campus.

3.     Mirror copies should be made of all the data on the servers and the databases functioning within the university.

4.     The “Date Center” should be kept securely behind two consecutive security gates, accessible only to authorized persons.

5.     In the case of a power cut, the Data Center will operate its alternative current generators (UPS units).

6.     The university has a system of retrieving data and information in the case of system failures or disasters, as mirror copies of the data are already safely stored outside the campus.

7.     The internal net of the university is equipped with an anti-virus system that counteracts hacking and illegal intrusion attempts.

8.     The internal net of the university is protected by various levels of firewalls.

9.     All emails of the university are equipped with self-protecting technical devices and systems.

10.                        All desk computers and laptops are equipped with anti-virus protective programs.

11.                        Any external connection to the university net shall be blocked, unless it has the permission of the relevant authority.

12.                        The procedures, policies and guidance related to the appropriate dealing with the internal net are comprehensively explained   in the “Catalogue of Policies and Procedures”.

Upgrading equipment and software: 

-         The university shall replenish and update its electronic equipment on a periodic and consistent basis, in accordance with the declared policies, stated in the IT catalogue. The accompanying licenses shall also be duly processed and renewed.

Technical support for the educational process:

All lecture halls are equipped with the most sophisticated items, such as computers, data show gadgets, projectors, sound systems, smart teaching rooms, Internet connection and monitors.


The IT Center of the university shall organize series of workshops for all customers: faculty, admin staffs and students, to familiarize them with its services. The workshops are intended to raise the overall competence of the University population in making use of the IT products in vogue and at the university’s disposal, as an ongoing support for the research and academic activities of the university. In addition to the workshops, the IT Center shall also engage in specialized training courses and other similar initiatives in cooperation with the supervisors of the current academic courses.