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A tour round the university:

    The overall area upon which Al Qasimia University shall ultimately be constructed is one million square meters.

     Situated in the University City, the university is posited at a conspicuous location deliberately, so that it can be viewed from all directions, and seen from afar. The main campus includes the management complex, the university auditorium, the main library and the university mosque. The main campus shall be spread out on a plot of 2000 square meters.


The Administration Complex:

     This is the main building of the university. It is  composed of three stories, accommodating the administration and faculty offices, lecture rooms, service facilities - dining halls, leisure lounges, stationary corners, canteens and bathrooms.

     Characterized by its Islamic architectural touch, it is further beautified by the tall internal decorated pillars and the wooden balconies hanging from the walls. The glass roofs and walls are designed to allow access to sun light that is bound to illuminate the place naturally, thereby reducing dependence upon the electric current, and rendering the whole edifice environment-friendly.

Visit the Campus Facilities Page for more details