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          With the discovery of oil that triggered the era of modernization, the UAE started by paying considerable attention to education. The founding father, the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, peace be upon his soul, conceived education as top development priority. He is renowned to have said: “Youth are the true wealth of nations.” He lavished generously on all projects of educational infrastructure, so that the new generation will be well prepared for shouldering their national roles.

          At the inception of the union in 1971, schools were not available at many villages and dwellings. The overall number of those who went to school barely reached 28000. The government promptly embarked upon an ambitious program of educational infrastructure. A number of schools and  institutions were inaugurated in a short time. The UAE government took good care of education, and the results are coming out now in the form of generation after generation of qualified youth who contribute to the economic and social development of their country.

          The educational system of the UAE is studded with a large number of universities, institutes and training programs, which are appropriately licensed, calibrated, attested and recognized locally, regionally and internationally.


Centers and agencies related to undergraduate education in the UAE:

·        Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research.

·        Approved institutions for teaching IT.

·        The Admission and Registration Section.

·        Academic Attestation Authority.

·        Other recognized universities.

·        Recognized academic programs.

·        The unified catalogue for all universities.

·        Recognized institutions abroad.

·        Committees of attesting and calibrating degrees.

·        Calibrating degrees section (Ministry of Higher Education.)

·        Attesting documents (M of HE)

·        Phone numbers of UAE cultural attaches in other countries.

·        University of Sharjah.

.        AUS.