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Campus Facilities

The Mosque:

Designed along the lines of Fatimid Islamic architecture, the mosque shall accommodate 4000 worshippers. It has two elegant minarets, each 90 meters tall. The center of the ceiling is dented into a huge dome, outflanked by four other  smaller ones. There are three gates for the mosque, in addition to facilities such as the ablution facility, the male and female  convenience rooms, the Imam’s lodging suite and the adjacent women’s mosque.

The lecture halls:

Al Qasimia University is already known for its imposing and impressive infrastructure. The campus is dotted with a large number of lecture rooms equipped with the tools and facilities which are adequate for the specific course taught at each hall. Undergraduate students using each hall should not exceed 40, something for which all rooms are prepared. Postgraduate students shall go to special rooms, well equipped with electronic tools and reference items, in an atmosphere of comfort and high professionalism.

The number of students allocated to each room shall be identified by the college or course supervisors, in accordance with the nature of the discipline: Is it purely theoretical, or does it involve experimentation or practical application?

The Auditorium:

The university is in the process of constructing a presentation theatre in which, in addition to works of drama, other activities can be conducted, such as conferences, public lectures and gatherings. It is destined to enrich the cultural, artistic and intellectual life of the university and that of the outside community.