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Tuition & Scholarships

First: Scholarship program:

  • ​Scholarships are only confined to non-resident students.
  • Scholarship students receive a monthly reward determined by the University (In accordance with the laws/bylaws).
  • Students who choose to stay in the university hostel during the summer course are the only ones who receive their summer monthly rewards.
  • Registering in the summer course is mandatory for those who do not go on vacation to their home countries.
  • Scholarship students are granted one round tickets as long as their GPA &TGPA  is not less than 2.00 points (70%) throughout the study period.
  • The University is responsible for Visa & Emirates ID issuance and procedures.
  • The University provides medical insurance to scholarship students. 
  • The University provides separate dorms for male and female students.
  • The students visa will be canceled if the student will not attend on the first date of Advising for the Semester.

Second: Terms and conditions of scholarship:

  • Registering in courses every semester is a must with no withdrawal or discontinuation.
  • Student GPA & TGPA in each term must be at least 2.00 (70%) to keep the scholarship.
  • If a scholarship student’s GPA Or TGPA for a term is less than 2.00 (70%) (excluding the summer course), the scholarship will be terminated.
  • Scholarship students must be completely free for studies and are not allowed to work during their study period at the University.
  • Scholarship students who join the intensive Arabic program must pass this program maximum within one academic year, then they will join one of the available majors according to the admission terms and the availability of seats in each major. If they fail, university regulations and rules apply.
  • Students are committed to follow the University by laws along with all ethical & behavioral regulations in campus. 
  • Student are not allowed to withdraw from the University and leave the country without prior permission from the university.
  • Student will granted transcripts after his/her graduation from the University.