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'Al Qasimia University'
'Students’ happiness council'


In order to provide a suitable learning environment, the Information Technology and Communication Department would like to offer you the following services:​


The blackboard provide you with the following:

  • Online Courses (Lecture Notes, Course Documents,
    External links & learning materials).
  • Course Announcements.
  • Faculty Information.
  • Online Assignments & Assessments.
  • Students Course Grades.


The Email Provide you with the following:

  • Email with a capacity of 50 GB.
  • Cloud storage (one Drive) with a capacity of 1 TB.
  • Send and receive emails wherever you are.
  • You can setup the email on the smartphones.

​​ banner_Icon.jpg

Academics Self Service
The Banner provide you with the following: 

- Record the students’ attendance.
- Enter the students’ grades.
- View student’s profile.
- View your class schedule.
- View your class list.​